My Life School is a high school program with an emphasis on increasing students' creative potential.  We are on a mission to prepare students for life, which requires teaching them how to generate novel ideas that solve everyday and complex – real world problems. There is a lot of evidence for paying attention to creativity in the classroom and getting students ready for life. The private sector relies on creativity as a way to gain a competitive edge in a global economy and their greatest need is finding young, creative people.  Yong Zhao argues for nurturing creativity in students in order to help them create a new middle class of entrepreneurs. Richard Florida writes, “people are naturally creative” in his ground breaking book, The Rise of the Creative Class.   We believe the motivation necessary for creativity will increase students’ self agency, a necessary trait for 21st Century living. "Sense of agency" (or sense of control) refers to the subjective awareness that one is initiating, executing, and controlling one's own volitional actions in the world.


Students become creative when they learn how to take control and become self-directed. Psychologists believe this self-directed behavior requires intrinsic motivation and passion. Some say, “It’s a matter of passion” (an internal drive towards action). My Life Students first identify – then bridge - their personal passions with core curriculum standard by designing and engaging in learning projects.  

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Skateboarding is my greatest interest, along with playing drums, guitar, and piano.

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